This is a non-commercial website - there will be no advertisements - there will be no solicitation for funds to "keep this great website running".   All I have to offer is experience and the recounting of that is worth exactly what it cost you.

This website is intended to provide one pilot's view of general aviation in the United States.

Your host is not an instructor or any kind of an aviation expert - just an everyday single piston engine pilot with enough experience to know better but not always smart enough to do better.

The information presented here is intended to provide assistance and advice that may be helpful to other pilots, it may even be entertaining.  In many cases I will be stating my opinion based upon my experience.  I will do my very best to refrain from passing along folklore and fairy tales as fact.

Perhaps you can learn from some of my mistakes; without having to make them for yourself.


Tailwinds and Happy Landings!

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May 13, 2016 - I have been unable to edit my website for over two years and as a result a number of typographical errors and file omissions have persisted.  I do apologize.

I am now in the process of correcting errors, filling in omissions, removing complete areas that seem to be of little interest to my visitors and generally doing some badly need house cleaning.

I want to express my gratitude to all who have visited my web site over the past seven(7) years.  To the many who have taken the time to drop me emails I want to express my humble gratitude; your kind thoughts and words warm my heart.  THANK YOU.